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Based Small And Medium-sized Enterprise Information Modeling Platform In The Mda

Posted on:2011-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360308967137Subject:Computer application technology
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The rapid development of the medium and small-sized enterprises, along with the advent of the information age, informationization has become a key constraint for the progress of the medium and small-sized enterprises. There are many information management softwares both at home and aboard in nowadays, they are already fairly complete functionality, but still don't match the actual requirement of the medium and small-sized enterprises, such as: the high cost, poor adaptability with the technology platform, high complexity, design and implementation out of line, secondary development difficulties. We urgently need an integrative platform for informationization of the medium and small-sized enterprises, which can integrate the modeling, model transformation, and code generation together. The MDA of the ORG can solve most of the problems.The model is the core issues in the software development progress of the model-driven architecture, which can solve the problems exist in the traditional software development technology effectively, such as productive efficiency issues, interoperability issues as well as maintenance and documentation issues. In this thesis, it will combine with the enterprise information platform of the lab to explain the model building and automated conversion technology.At present, many popular modeling techniques have been incorporated into the MDA modeling system (CWM,UML,MOF,XMI and so on), they all play a important role in the MDA's four-layer model system, but they all have some defects: Can't modeling in exclusive domain precise, lower readability, maintainability and operability, high degree of difficulty of executable and conversion. In this thesis, based on analysis of the needs of the medium and small-sized enterprises as well as the actual characteristics, present a exclusive domain meta-model modeling mechanism for the medium and small-sized enterprises, which can express the concept of exclusive areas, events more comprehensive and effective, narrowing the abstract and the reality gap furthest, make the domain experts modeling use the modeling language by the modeling tools just like using the natural language, improve the modeling efficiency and accuracy, ensure the model usability.Based on the exclusive domain meta-model, as well as the research of model of the medium and small-sized enterprises, the model can be divided into three parts: the data model, access model and interface model, each part has its own specific range of applications, which can improve the model accuracy and modeling efficiency effectively.When the model building is completed, there is a critical step left, which is the automate conversion of the platform-independent model and platform-specific models and code generation. The traditional model transformation technology is not precise enough, and the conversion function to be too single, only applies to a relatively simple model. This thesis proposes a dynamic mapping rule based on component conversion technology, which can generate many kinds of software version base on specific technology platform we need very accurate and convenient by dynamic mapping rules form the PIM, the real fast one-click conversion.
Keywords/Search Tags:model driven architecture, enterprise informationization, exclusive domain meta-model, dynamic mapping rules based on component
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