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1. Optimization Design And Characteristic Analysis For Polymer Micro-ring Resonant Wavelength Multiplexet
2. Simulation And Analysis Of Microring Resonant Wavelength Multiplexers
3. A Study Of Tunable Long Period Fiber Grating
4. Theoretical And Simulation Study Based On The Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Display
5. Study Of Cladding Mode Resonant Wavelength Tuning Sensitivity Of Fiber Gratings
6. Analysis Of The Properties Of Multi-cladding Waveguide In New Electro-optical Modulator
7. The Study On Sensors Based On Long-period Fiber Gratings
8. Analysis And Optimization Of The Direct UV-written Microring Resonant Wavelength Demulti/multiplexer
9. Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Technology Analysis Of Gas Composition
10. Mechanical Microbending Long-period Fiber Grating Devices
11. Research On Sensing Characteristics And Measurements Based On Long-period Fiber Gratings
12. Studies Of Long-period Fiber Grating Based On Micro/Nano-Fiber
13. Resonance Characteristics And Dipole Emission Control Of Heterogeneous Optical Nanoantennas
14. Design And Research Of Measuring Method For Graphene's Complex Refractive Index And Conductivity
15. Optimization of Whispering Gallery Mode Microsphere Resonators and Their Application in Biomolecule Sensin
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