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Based On Four-wave Mixing In All-optical Wavelength Conversion,

Posted on:2008-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2208360215477857Subject:Communication and Information System
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The all optical wavelength conversion (AOWC) is one of the key components in the future. It is reported that the wavelength conversion's efficiency is -18.56dB. The expression of the FWM efficiency is deduced. in order to obtained the steady and the high conversion efficiency, from which the parameters related to the conversion efficience are found. We used the Matlab,OptiSystem simulated the all-optical wavelength conversion based on the fiber, the EDFA add the nonlinear dispersive fiber (NDF), the semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) successfully. The tiptop conversion efficiency is 19.7dB. By adjust the power of the pump and the signal realized the AOWC used the idle light. Its conversion efficiency can reached 12dB. It's more stability than the AOWC used the conversion light. Used the EDFA and the dispersion flattened fibers realized the all-optical wavelength conversion in laboratory successfully.By simulate of the AOWC based on the fiber. By adjust the system parameter. At the condition of the pump and signal frequency difference at the 0.045THz, the signal power at the 1dBm, the pump power at the 27dBm, the attenuation coefficient at the 0.2dB/km, the fiber's effective area at the 54μm^2. It can obtain the conversion efficiency of 15.4dB. In the laboratory used the H8153A to be the lamp-house, and used the AVANEX A1941 40 to split two light as the pump and the signal light. The frequency is 194.78THz,194.99THz partly. The two light coupled to the KPS-BT-C-30-PB-SA. The pump and signal has been blowed up before output to the G655. The FWM effect realized the all-optical wavelength conversion in the optical fiber. The frequency map can be observed by the AQ6319. At the experiment by adjust the output current of the laser at I1=I2=0.9A. the output power at the 20.4dBm, the dispersion flattened fibers at the 12.7km. It can produced the conversion light's power of the -3dBm.The SOA have many benefits such as long bandwidth of plus(1300~1600nm), good calm plus, can switch dynamic wavelength, small bulk, simpleness pump, can be produced batch, and low cost. The main character of the SOA lies on the character of the fountain layer and laser cavity characteristic. Its radiation medium is the unbalance carrier of electron-cavity. At the process of all-optical wavelength conversion used the SOA. By adjust the system parameters bring forword the conversion efficiency changed along with the increase of the SOA immit current, and the change of the SOA cavity length for the first time. By simulate it can find that when immit current at 0.8A, the cavity length less than 200μm, the conversion efficiency increased as the cavity length added. But as the cavity length at 200-800μm. The conversion efficiency is keep a fastness .when choose the frequency of the pump and the signal, the frequency difference should be controlled less than 0.14THz. The attenuation of the coupling affect the conversion efficiency heavily. When the coupling attenuation less than 3dB, the frequency difference is 0.03THz, the cavity length is 600μm, the pump power is 1dBm. By adjust the immit current. At 0.18A gained the 4.4dB conversion efficiency of first order FWM. At 1A gained the19.7dB conversion efficiency of high order FWM.The report of FWM-AOWC at present is using conversion light to realize the all-optical wavelength conversion. But using the idle light to realize the all-optical wavelength conversion has not reported. By simulate it can get the all-optical wavelength conversion using the idle light. And by simulate find the factor of affect the wavelength conversion. By adjust the immit current, the cavity length, frequency difference of pump and signal. polarization, attenuation of coupling. At last get the 12dB conversion efficiency. By study it can duduced that using the idle light to realized the wavelength conversion is more steady than using the conversion light to realized the wavelength conversion. So it has widest application freground. By more study can find that adjust the attenuation of the coupling. It can realized the using the idle light to realized the wavelength conversion and using the conversion light to realized the wavelength conversion.Despite of the light-eletricity-light wavelength conversion has becomed mature and already apply in the communication network. But it cannot ensure the transparence of the signal conversion. And the conversion velocity has already reached its terminal. So we need a new wavelength convertor. The AOWC based on the four wave mixing has simpleness fabric, T bit velocity of the conversion. And it's a transparency wavelength conversion in deed. The all-optical wavelength conversion aroused people's attention gradually. This article particular analysed the all-optical wavelength conversion using FWM. and obtained some thereunder in theory. And wined the accidence succeed in experimentation. This article provided some theoretics to all-optical wavelength conversion.
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