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1. Research On Silicon-Based Parametric Wavelength Conversion And On-Chip Photonic Temporal Differentiator
2. Study On All-optical Signal Regeneration Systems In Ultra-fast Optical Networks
3. The Research On Ultra-large Capacity Fiber-optic Transmission Experiments And Key Technologies For OFDM
4. The Study Of Optical Signal Processing Technology Based On Photon-Liquid Crystal And Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguides
5. Research On All-Optical Pseudo Random Binary Sequence Generation And Repetition Rate Multiplication
6. Research On Integrated All-Optical-Wavelength-Conversion And All-Optical-Signal-Processing Devices
7. Study Of Routing And Wavelength Assignment Algorithms And Performance Analysis Of WDM Optical Networks With Wavelength Converters
8. Performance Of Wavelength-Routed Optical Networks With Wavelength Conversions
9. Fiber Ultra-Short Pulse Generation And All-Optical Wavelength Conversion
10. Development Of Short Pulses Source Of Optical Communication And Its Application In Wavelength Conversion
11. All Optical Wavelength Conversion
12. Studies On Some Key Technologies In Optical Packet Switched Networks
13. Tunable Wavelength Conversion Based On FWM In Semiconductor Fiber Ring Laser
14. Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Photonic Crystal Fibers And Related Optoelectronics Technology In Communications
15. Fiber Ring Laser And Applications Of Photonic Crystal Fiber In Active Devices
16. All-optical Signal Processing Technologies Based On SOA Nonlinearities In Optical Network
17. Theoretical Studies Of Optical Properties And Applications For Asymmetric Coupled Quantum Well Structures
18. Research On Routing And Wavelength Assignment Of All-Optical Networks
19. Investigation On Stimulated Brillouin Scattering And Four-wave Mixing In Photonic Crystal Fiber
20. Key Technologies Of All-optical Signal Processing Based On Nonlinearities In SOA
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