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Double Incentive Spiral Debris Sensor Characteristics

Posted on:2006-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360182968797Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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It is important for wearing debris to prevent from equipment accident, assess life-span consume of equipment, carry on maintaining of plan and optimize equipment design. Meanwhile online monitoring of wearing debris offers technical support for long-range diagnosis. The wearing and tearing detection technique adopted at present both at home and abroad roughly includes: The spectral type, optics type, electric conduction type, capillary damping type,etc. The majority of them belong to offline detection form. This makes detection procedure to be more human factors, easy to leak examination, true not to reflect the operation conditions of the equipment. Moreover several kinds of traditional online detection techniques have different performance defects each. Today modern equipment function becomes complicate day by day. Many kinds of non-linear coupling lie in the operation course, More non-linear characteristics even lie in equipment wearing and tearing course, It is a inexorable trend and urgent necessity to develop online, full-time continuous wearing debris monitoring technology in modern equipment state monitoring and diagnose field.According to the wearing debris monitoring technology current situation, in order to realize the quantity and kinds of monitoring online in succession. In this paper, we research in a new type of double-excitation solenoid wearing debris sensor. The main research contents are as follows:1, The sensing model of double-excitation solenoid wearing debris sensor set up on basis of electromagnetic field principle and Biot-Savart Law etc., and offer the theory basis for the performance analysis and parameter optimation.2> Through analyzing on sensing characteristic, such as sensitivity^ linear etc.. Probe into the the factor such as magnetic field homogeneity in elementary coik velocity of flow of fluids flow etc. on laws of impact of sensing characteristic of the sensor.3^ In order to obtain high sensitivity, use the genetic algorithm to optimize structure parameters of double-excitation solenoid wearing debris sensor.4> By system identification method, identify MTF of this sensor, verify the sensing mathematics model of the sensor .As a kind of new-type > multi-functional online sensor, double-excitation solenoid wearing debris sensor has extensive application prospects in the field such as the building (engineering machinery) > aviation (plane )> shipping (shipping )> metallurgy (rolling mill )> energy (the engine of the power plant )> transporting (the vehicle ) etc.. Research contents in this paper establish the theory and technological foundation for the perfection and application of this sensor.
Keywords/Search Tags:double-excitation, wearing debris, sensor, sensing characteristics, MTF
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