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Study Of Optical Fiber Loss In Engineering Practice

Posted on:2011-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2198330332480307Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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Optical fiber communication with large communication capacity, long transmitting distance, zero interference, high confidentiality, resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and good quality transmission is one of the main pillars of modern communication and plays an important role in modern telecommunications network. Optical fiber loss is an important indicator of the performance of optical fiber communication, and directly affects the distance of communication transmission and the performance of SDH, WDM and other equipment. With the development of communication technology, telecommunication operator and fiber cable manufacturers become more and more concerned with the performance of optical fibers. The fiber loss has great significance to the development of communication technology.In view of the status of optical fiber communication and future direction of communication development, combined with the practice in daily management and operating of the optical fiber cable, the thesis studies the fiber loss, such as physical characteristics of optical fiber loss, measurement of fiber loss, the optical fiber splice loss and the bending loss. Meanwhile, the thesis deeply analyzes the fiber loss troubles of the cable operating and management.Based on Beijing-Shanghai communication optical fiber cable and Taian-Laiwu communication optical fiber cable, the contents of this thesis mainly include:1) The fiber loss is introduced, focusing on the physical characteristics of optical fiber attenuation, the main factors resulting in optical loss. Combined with the specific situation of the engineering, the values of fiber loss are calculated.2) The testing of fiber loss is described in detail. And the loss index of single-mode optical fiber, the main methods of loss testing and optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) are introduced at the same time.3) Optical fiber splice loss is discussed. And the main factors of affecting optical fiber splice loss, the influence of mode field diameter on optical fiber splice loss, measurement of optical fiber splice loss and methods of reducing optical fiber splice loss are deeply analyzed.4) The bending loss of optical fiber is analyzed in detail, which is discussed in reasons of reducing the bending loss, mechanism of optical fiber bending loss, bending loss of optical cable and other aspects. Finally engineering trouble analysis is made combined with specific engineering situation.
Keywords/Search Tags:optical fiber communication, fiber loss, measurement of fiber loss, optical fiber splice loss, bending loss
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