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Olam-based Analytical CRM And Its Application In Securities Market

Posted on:2011-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Customer has become the most important resource for enterprises winning the fierce competition in contemporary market. And to scientific manage and in-depth analysis the customer information is the key to invincible for companies.Analytical CRM can allow the decision-makers to analyze the customers on a higher level. With the analytical CRM, decision-makers will analyze the behaviors and loyalty of different customer base so as to supply personalized and differentiation service to different customer base to achieve the maximization of customer value and thus win the maximum benefit for the enterprise.On-Line Analytical Mining(OLAM) is an organic combination of On-Line Analytical Processing(OLAP) and Data Mining(DM) on the base of database or data warehouse and is a new development of On-Line Analytical Processing(OLAP).OLAM build on the basis of data mining and OLAP, one of the goals is to be able to easily analyze any part of the data or data from different level of abstraction with different data mining algorithm dynamically so as to in-depth understanding the data. Because OLAM both have the on-line character and flexibility of OLAP multi-dimensional analysis and the in-depth nature of data mining for data processing, the architecture has been gradually applied to the customer relationship management(CRM),visualization and so on.This dissertation apply the OLAM technology to the analytical CRM and apply an optimal scheduling strategy to the OLAM tasks in order to improve the efficiency of the analytical CRM. At last, the analytical CRM was applied to the securities industry clients to make customer segmentation of a securities company and evaluate customer loyalty of different customer base and predict the loyalty of new customer.
Keywords/Search Tags:The analytical CRM, On-Line analytical mining(OLAM), Scheduling strategy, OLAM tasks
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