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The Design And Implementation Of Social Security Financing Info Management System

Posted on:2011-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2178360308468981Subject:Computer technology
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Social Insurance in China to start late, but has developed rapidly. Most of the region carried out in most parts of the five types of operations. Urban residents expanded medical insurance, endowment insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance and other new types of insurance, provide the best services for the insured to make a great contribution. However, there are some problems. The Paper discussed for the "five-one-risk" social insurance management information system design. Focus on the collection of funds for research, design and development to adapt to social insurance and management information systems. The main work done as follows:1) Analysis of the social insurance system and its information management research and related characteristics of the status quo, and in the design and development of the use of some of the characteristics of social insurance for key technologies, and focuses on methods of database technology and business components. These key technologies greatly facilitate the user's maintenance, insurance policy to adapt to changes in our society characterized by rapid extension of the application system life cycle.2) The application system uses a centralized management mechanism, to be really'people-oriented, record life, life management, service life'. Applications using the framework of the prevailing system, application software using B/S/S structure software technology.3) Collection of social insurance fund is a very important part. Fund collection related to the normal operation of social insurance and household, the establishment of a harmonious society will play an important role. So this paper focuses on made its Design and Implementation.4) Server-side architecture of the system using J2EE technology, based on the MVC design pattern; Client-side programming language using the traditional to provide customers with interactive interface; Client and Server communication using HTTP and SOAP-based XML data transfer agreement method. System uses an advanced ORACLE data warehouse technology to its front-end data to show the framework of J2EE technology in the design and the design of multi-level permissions at the same time embedded in Microsoft's DOT NET technology for data display and reporting development. Improve system stability and security. 5) Fenghua City on social insurance management information system framework for the overall design framework and focused on fund collection system of social insurance in Fenghua City Management Information System. The system Operating normally, and meet the requirements of the business to expand and improve its insurance units, the level of service insurance. Been received by users.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social insurance, Social insurance funds, Fund collection, System framework
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