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Design And Implementation Of Some Key Modules In BOSS(2.0) Of Inner Mongolia Mobile Company

Posted on:2011-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2178360308462523Subject:Software engineering
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With the development of the technology of Mobile Communications and the appearance of the new technology and equipments, the development of china mobile has been promoted. Competition approaches between mobile application service providers have been shifted from reducing price to improving technical superiority and systematical management. Under this circumstance, how to manage and maintain telecommunication network have become common issues that enterprise operators care about. It can help mobile application service provider to decrease cost of management, to improve the efficiency of management and utility of network resources, to offer new business opportunities and promote competitive capabilities.Business operation support system (BOSS) of mobile communication businesses divided into subsystems including billing, business, accounting, customer service and so on. In order to finish the support function on the whole business, these subsystems communicate with each other through certain interface. The three-layer, distributed, component-based framework implements configurable components and separates database from application. Thus, it provides stability, expansibility and portability. As a universal and visual modeling language used to construct software systems and files, UML provides strong support for the system development, through the whole process, system analysis, design and realization; Main memory database (MMDB) breaks the bottleneck of traditional relation database based on disk, making the system performance and reliability enhanced greatly.This thesis analyses the business and problems of telecom operating supporting systems in detail. The backgrounds and meaning of BOSS have been introduced and the overall framework of the system has been explained. The thesis establishes system-building objectives and describes the functions of the system, and gives feasible designs of the system. The structure design based on UML and main memory database were discussed in detail. The author participated in the design and development of accounting subsystems, of which the two important modules are selected to be focused on design and realization.This thesis addresses important topics including:1. Analysis the system function and the structure.Boss function mainly include in marketing and service,business developing and managing,resource and system manage,cooperation partner relation manage.2.To confirm the programming languages,and construct the hardware and software environment.Use UML programming laguage,MVC designing mode,ORACLE database to developing.3. accomplish designing and developing of the accounting subsystems.The detail include in figuring out fixed charge, loading external cost,sharing the bill,mass accounting.4. accomplish designing and realization of the secondary billing subsystems and charging subsystems.The system runs well, meeting Mobile Corporation and the customer's demand, and it responds well, which proves the system design feasible once again.Following the development of the mobile communications industry, emerging business are appearing continually, this system will continue optimization and upgrading.
Keywords/Search Tags:Boss, billing-account, UML, MMDB, secondary billing
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