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Design And Research Of A HCI Control System Based On EEG Alpha Rhythm

Posted on:2011-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360305472759Subject:Computer application technology
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Human-Computer Interaction(HCI) is transmission and exchange of information between human and equipments. The main research of HCI areas is on how to make faster and convenient means of communication between people and equipments. With the development of modern technology, more and more attention has been paid to the research in HCI technology; numerous new design ideas are being brought out and realized. Among them, brain computer interface technology, which does not depend on human limbs and other conventional methods to control external equipments, has important research significances in the future social life and production activities. Its prospect is bright.This paper designed and implemented a HCI control system based on alpha-block phenomenon to achieve the control of external equipment, the main research work involved in the paper as follows:(1). Participate in the design and implementation task of EEG acquisition hardware platforms:System uses precision electrodes to conduct EEG signals from specific leads, removes noise and amplifies signals in EEG preprocessing circuit, then EEG sampling is carried out by acquisition card. EEG signals from scalp surface is very weak, and characterized by a strong background noise, therefore, there is an idea that multi-level amplification processing in preprocessing circuit, resolves the problem that EEG a wave signals are difficult to be extracted effectively.(2). Design and programm the system software:The software uses online method to process EEG data, achieves a wave feature extraction and recognition by removing the signal baseline drift, the energy normalization, and iterative frequency spectrum detection which is point by point based on sliding window, then transforms it into corresponding commands to control external devices.(3). Do experiments based on the designed platform of HCI system:Multiple experiments were carried out among different selected subjects, and a large number of EEG samples were obtained, furthermore, established an EEG sample library initially. Analyzed and processed the EEG samples carefully, verified the design of system or adjusted some parameters in system according to the results feedback.It was shown in the results of experiments that the system had an excellent performance in accuracy of a wave detection, the subjects could control the external device by basic operations. There will be a good practical value in application areas by expansion and improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Human-Computer Interaction, Brain-computer interface, alpha wave, energy normalization, detection threshold, virtual oscilloscope
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