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The Research And Application Of Enterprise Service Bus In Digital Campus

Posted on:2009-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360278457212Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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With the development of information techonology and informatization, the"information islands"problem in enterprise information systems and digital campus of college becomes more and more prominent. And the demand for constructing a unified supporting platform of application and processing integration of application systems becomes imperative.In numerous integration techonologies, EAI techonology used in early period played an important role in application systems'integration. But for the tight coupling between EAI and technologies, platform, product, the integration based on EAI was restrained tremendously. With some advantages such as loose-couple, interoperability, technological independence, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides a more flexible and extendable framework for application integration. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is the infrastructure of Service Oriented Architecture implementation. And the Java Business Integration criterion describes such a standards-based, open and extendable Enterprise Service Bus.With the objective of eliminating"information islands"faced by digital campus at present stage, this article analyses the disadvantages of early EAI techonologies and the advantages of Service Oriented Integration, and then introduces ESB techonology into digital campus based on the present situation of information construction in the campuses of our country.With the deep research on JBI criterion, in this article, we design and realize a digital campus oriented ESB based on JBI criterion, which we name JBI-ESB. And then we make detailed description on three core functional modules: NMR, management and component framework. And we design and realize a web management console for JBI-ESB based on the CEIP portal system owned by Graduate School.Subsequently, this article constructs an integration scheme based on ESB for digital campus with the JBI-ESB, and put forwards some specifications for legacy application systems'integration and new systems'development integration. And then the article describes the implementations of this scheme for different integration requirements, and gives some guidance suggestion for the implementations. Finally, we practice the integration scheme on the exiting application systems of Graduate School.This article makes a beneficial study and attempt on applying SOA theory and ESB technology in the field of educational informatization. Especially, it is of a certain practical guiding significance in the constructions of Digital Campus and Graduate Education Management Information Systems.Although, further study must continue, the ESB designed and realized, the service oriented integration shceme proposed, the specifications maken, and the integrating practice on the exiting application systems of graduate school according to the foregoing integration scheme in this article, will make a positive driving effect on the informatization work of our school.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus, Java Business Integration, Digital Campus, Integration
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