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Design And Implementation For Terminal File Backup And Recovery System

Posted on:2010-09-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275473541Subject:Computer software and theory
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With widely application of information and network technology,the amount of information is increasing at full speed.The information becomes more and more significant.Data,as the expression of information,its integrity and security has become a hot research issue of the area of data security.To protect the data,not only the large enterprises but also the small or middle enterprises must build up a backup system.As the backup and recovery technology gradually becomes father mature,the backup system has been playing a more and more important role in every computer information system.However,along with widely used of the network application,the present backup systems still have many limitations.Firstly,many backup systems lack of the ability of real-time backup so that they will probably lose some data.Secondly, many backup systems are designed to point against the natural disaster,which means they have no immunity with virus.Thirdly,most of the backup systems still copy data in the traditional way named xcopy,which is the default way of operating system. However,the xcopy method does not work well because of its low efficiency.For the purpose of solving above mentioned questions,an in-depth discussion about the backup technology was carried on from two angles(theoretical and practical). In the first place,the basic information of backup and restoration is introduced in detail in this paper.Then from the practical requirements,a backup system is designed,which contains the functions of full backup,incremental backup,synchronous backup,file compression and file encryption.Point against the disadvantages of default copy method,which include low efficiency and high system cost,a new copy method(Memory Copy) was brought forward.The so-called Memory Copy,is a new copy method which using the memory to be the data reading and writing cache insteads of the default cache of operating system.Through experiments and performance analysis,good results were achieved. Furthermore,the method of incremental backup is improved through combining two resource trees.To estimate that whether the target file is modified or not,two resource trees called T1 and T2(T1 for the backup source,T2 for the backup destination) were built to store the folders.Then by combining T1 and T2,the modified files can be found in a fast way. After realizing the system,research work is summarized,and next-step work of system is viewed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Backup and restoration, Full backup, Incremental backup, synchronous backup, Memory Copy
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