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Research Of Information Organization For Regional Information Resources Sharing

Posted on:2009-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360272488268Subject:Library science
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The arrival of the digital age, makes any library is hard to rely solely on its own resources, to fully satisfy all users of information resources needs. And the library can't concentrate on its construction and development without the cooperation with other libraries. The era of one library maintains all-around resource has past. China experienced a number of internet-based regional information resource sharing systems, and the regional information resource sharing produces initial results, but it also generated a lot of new problems. One of them is how to build effective information organization framework to meet the regional users' need in the network environment, which is the key issue of building and perfecting the system.Firstly, this paper studies the background and status of university libraries building the regional resource sharing system in brief, and describes the significance of the regional information organization. The writer has concerned about OhioLINK, which is the famouse foreign regional information resource sharing system for a long time, and described the way how OhioLINK organize information in detail, such as OhioLINK Library Catalog,EJC,DMC,virtual reference.Secondly, how to organize information resource efficiently is a big problem to the manager of the regional information resource sharing system.On the basis of the achievements which is JALIS has made, and with the use of library classification,OPAC,collaborative virtual reference,subject portal and other information organization way, the writer analyse the weakness of the way of JALIS information organization, from the view of classification,cataloging,OPAC,collaborative virtual reference etc.Thirdly, on the point of view of classified for the regional information resource sharing, the writer propose four optimization measures forclassification,cataloging,OPAC,collaborative virtual reference, by comparing with the OhioLINK. On the view of hierarchical, This writer propose optimization messures for document,library homepage,subject navigation, and JALIS digital library system framework.This paper expatiates the impact to Jiangsu Province digital resource by building JALIS. On the point of time, the writer also propose optimization measure, front control is to build the information resource and user research, acces control including the database choice, while the overall control is the optimization measure of technology.This paper tries to combine practical, proposes the optimization measures and hope to give a clew for the information organization way of JALIS.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information Organization, Reginal Information Resource Sharing, JALIS, OPAC, Collaborative Virtual Reference, Subject Portals
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