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Investigation Of Suspension Microparticle Array Immunochip Based On The CdSe Quantum Dots

Posted on:2009-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360272486011Subject:Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
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Micromachining techniques, which originated in the microelectronics industry, have been employed to manufacture microparticles bearing an engraved dot-type signature for biomolecular encoding. These metallic microstructures are photolitho graphically defined and manufactured in a highly reproducible manner. In addition, the code introduced on the particle face is a straightforward visible feature that is easily recognizable with the use of optical microscopy on the grounds of the CdSe Quantum dots (QDs) as fluorescent probes. In this paper, An integrated CMOS circuit for detection of very low-level bioluminescence is presented, which provides a robust, cost-effective, quantitative method for rapid and selective detection and monitoring of chemical agents. Signal processing is accomplished with a current-to-frequency converter circuit. Integrator and voltage reference circuit are analyzed in detail. The biosensor chip is fabricated using a standard 0.35μm CMOS process for 3.3V power supply. A single stage gain-boosted folded-cascode op amp is designed and will be used in integrator. Finally, a CMOS bandgap reference with 3.3V operation has been presented.This paper is supported by the ASIC design center of Tianjin university cooperation project with the china national academy of nanotechnology and engineering"CdSe QDs-tagged-based encoded microparticle for miniaturized and multiplexed immunoassay". The research purpose is to prepare the suspension microparticle array immunochip. We have designed the output fluorescence signal microsystem of suspension microparticle array immunochip based on the microfluidic chip, CMOS technology, satisfying the immunoassay micromational, portable, automational and recognizable.
Keywords/Search Tags:CdSe Quantum dots (QDs), readout circuit, gain-boosted op amp, bandgap reference circuit, microfluidic chip
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