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Media Convergence: Influence And Revelation Of Streaming

Posted on:2009-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Streaming is a new information transmission technology and media forms, also, Media Convergence is the trend of the media's development. There is inevitable links of them. Streaming development is inseparable from the supporting services of network hardware, market-oriented and promoting policies. At the same time, it promotes the development of the digital process. The final result of the digital process breaks the barriers between different types of media, and then realizes the Media Convergence. This shows that the development of streaming and media convergence is a process of interaction. In the process of media convergence, new information and communication technologies are an important role.The methodology of this article is taking the relationship between technology and the development of media as the beginning, the Social Constitution of Technology is the primary theoretic which explain their relationship.It respectively demonstrates the Streaming and Media Convergence's essence, character, development, problems and so on. It also proves the influence of Streaming and Media Convergence according to the research. This article demonstrates the influence of Media Convergence by Streaming from different levels, uses communications, philosophy and sociology theory, and combines the phenomenon of Streaming and developing Media Convergence to prove it. In conclusion, this research uses theoretic to explain phenomenon, and then obtain inspiration from the phenomenon. Nowadays, with the competitive media market situation, the article wants to explore a successful path between theoretic value and realistic operation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Streaming, Media Convergence, Social Shaping of Technology
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