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Research Of Transformation From PIM To PSM Based On Metamodel

Posted on:2008-09-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360242956946Subject:Computer software theory
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In 2002, MDA(Model Driven Architecture)was brought forward by OMG(Object Management Group).MDA aims to separate business or application logic from underlying platform technology. Platform-independent applications built using MDA and associated standards can be realized on a range of open and proprietary platforms. Fully specified Platform-independent Model (PIM) can enable intellectual property to move away from technology-specific code, helping to insulate business applications from technology evolution, and further enable interoperability. In addition, business applications, freed from technology specifics, will be more able to evolve at the different pace of business evolution.In order to realize visualization of MDA, OMG established a series of standards. Many accessorial tools have parts of MDA characteristic have published overseas. MDA is a kind of technology that still in seedtime, but it represents deep potation. Domestic research draws little attention to standards under MDA framework and MDA model transformation.This paper researches on MDA model transformation, and aims to develop a method to describe PIM using metamodel. As metamodel supports all the model type that have known since now, and provide relation among different models, thus the PIM based on metamodel has precise semantics and can be extended freely. On metamodel level, many models can be extended and on the meta-metamodel level, many metamodel can be extended, Thereby PIM created using metamodel can be extended easily. By the way of PIM description method using metamodel, different formalization description of PIM is unified.In respect that the graph model itself is graph or can be transformed as graph by some method, the graph transformation is highly fit for graph model transforming. Another characteristic of graph transformation is that pattern matching method can be used in the source models. Grounded on those characteristics, this paper introduces the graph transformation. During the transformations process, transforming rule using metamodel object graph have constrictions of semantics, and improve the model transformation precision.This paper first presents the fundermental of MDA and the development process and the importance of MDA during development process. Then to analyses the fundamental of metamodel and gives the method of using metamodel in MDA. The back part of the paper discuss the core of MDA----model transformation and the definition of transformation rules. PIM is defined precisely using metamodel and it is the graph transformation is introduced that the definition of transformation rules has semantics constrains. At last this paper gives a simple example to realize the transformation from PIM to PSM, and verifies the ways and means of this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:MDA, PIM, PSM, Model Transformation, Transformation Rules, Graph Transformation
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