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A Study On Model Transformation Based On MDA

Posted on:2012-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J S LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395462356Subject:Computer software and theory
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MDA, a software development architecture, improves the abstraction level of software development from code-layer to model-layer. The system development process of MDA is build PIM(Platform Independent Model) based on demand analysis of system. Formulate the transformation rule according to different system information and implementation details. At last transform PIM to PSM(Platform Specific Model) by the aid of model transformation tools. Through model reuse and model automatic generation, MDA improves the efficiency and quality of software development. By upgrading the level of abstraction, MDA reduces the complexity of software development. By separating the concrete realization and business logic, MDA solved the problems of cross-platform.As the core technology of MDA, the accuracy of model transformation is the determining factor of model-driven software quality. The breakthrough of model transformation technology has a huge impact on code automatically generation, heterogeneous platform integration and so on. Currently, model transformation of MDA has not yet been standardized, there are many problems in the field of model transformation:transformation method is too complicated, model reuse is poor, the lack of uniform rules for converting the semantic rules. These problems has brought great difficulties to model transformation. This paper studied graph transformation theory(a model transformation method), designed a kind of Graph Transformation Rule then gave its formal representation and concrete syntax. Proposed the design idea and implementation strategy of graph-based transformation engine. Discussed GTE working principle, composition and processing control in detail and gives key algorithms of transformation control. Finally, finished a transformation instance using GTE, verified the idea of GTE.
Keywords/Search Tags:model driven architecture, model transformation, graph transformation, graphtransformation engine
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