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The Research Of Coding And Transmission Of H.264 In Wireless Network

Posted on:2008-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360218962134Subject:Software engineering
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With the development of the video communication and computer technology, thevideo transmission wireless IP network is the important content of net multi-mediaapplication at present. However, there exist two challenging problems in wirelessvideo transmission. One is high efficient compression of source for fully utilization ofchannel bandwidth; the other is protection of compressed. Since the increase insource compression ratio will result in the decrease in error resilience of bit stream, atthe same time, the improvement on robustness of bit stream will decrease the codingefficiency. Therefore, error control is an important issue in wireless videotransmission.According to the coding and transmission problem of H.264 in wirelessenvironment, this paper has carried out research deeply.Overally; research can besummarized as follows:First, this paper has summed up main technology in the aspect of H.264'codemethod and error controling, has analyzed the characteristic of network videotransmission protocol, has built up simulation method being applied or used in 3Gwireless video universal environment of RTP/IP,has provided fine testing platform forthe various algorithms and strategies.Second, after Video Coding Layer of H.264/AVC has analyzed, paper hasintroduced rate-distortion coding mode control algorithm under the environment oflosing package and error coding. From the analysis of video and distortion in codeerror channel, paper has put forward distortion statistical model of source codingdistortion, channel error distortion and error spread. Utilizing method ofrate-distortion optimizing judgment to marc block intra-refresh, coding bit stream willenhance error resistance caplity in error channel.Third, after present and problem of Network Abstraction Layer analyzed, thispaper has employed error control strategy for joint VCL-NAL in IP network.Unifying the person eye vision characteristic, Data Partition has been improved,which greatly strengthens the H.264 symbol stream vigorous and healthy.
Keywords/Search Tags:H.264, Rate-Distortion, Error Control, Data Partition
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