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Keyword [Rate-Distortion]
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1. Research On Rate-distortion Optimization For High Efficiency Video Coding
2. Researchs On HEVC Based Video Coding Mechanisms And Video Transmission Mechanisms Over Wireless Networks
3. Vector Gaussian Multi-Terminal Source Coding
4. Research On Some Fundamental Algorithms In Scalable Video Coding
5. Motion Video Object Segmentation And Data Rate Distribution And Control Technology
6. Research On Error Resilient Video Coding For Low Bit-Rate Transmission
7. Researches On The Technology Of Satellite Interference Multispectral Image Coding
8. Research On Moving Video Object Segmentation And Advanced Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation Algorithms
9. Study Of The VLSI Architectures For Wavelet-based Image And Video Compression Algorithms
10. Research On Complexity Scalable Video Coding
11. Transform-Based Video Coding And Rate-Distortion Analysis
12. Research Of Key Problems On Video Coding And Streaming
13. Research And Applications Of Rate Control In Video Coding
14. Rate Distortion Optimization Based Video Coding
15. Research On Multi-Hypothesis Motion-Compensated Prediction In Video Communication
16. Research On Video Communication And Scalable Video Coding Technology
17. Researches On Key Algorithms In Video Coding Based On VLSI Implementation
18. Research On Bit Stream Syntax Restricted Video Coding Algorithm Optimization
19. FGS Video Coding And Transmitting In Wireless IP Networks
20. Research On H.264 Video Optimization Over Wireless Channel
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