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1. The Phase Errors And Error Control By LDPC Codes Under Very Low SNR Condition
2. Complex Ray Methods In Evaluating Targets Scattering With Systematic Error Controlling Techniques
3. On Video Communication Technology Based On Fine Granular Scalable Video Coding
4. On Unequal Error Protection Block Codes
5. A Study Of TCP Key Technologies Over Wireless Networks
6. Studies Of Digital Watermarking Of Information Security
7. Quality, Complexity, And Bit-rate Control For Video Coding
8. The Research On Error Control Technology In Video Communication
9. The Research Of Contour Following Error Control And Compensating Methods For Multi-axes Motion
10. Study On CD Uniformity In ArF Immersion Lithography
11. Research On Content-based Error Control Approaches Over Error-prone Channels
12. Researches On Error Control In Wireless Video Delivery
13. Research On Hybrid ARQ Schemes In Wireless Communications
14. Research On The Receiving Algorithms In Low SNR For Small Area Wireless Communication Networks
15. Research On Key Technoloties Of Quality Of Service For Streaming Media Transmission In Wireless Environment
16. Research On Adaptive Video Communication Over Wireless Channels
17. Cognitive Control Model Based On Decision Error And Its Application
18. Studies On Adaptive Video Quality Control Based On IP Network
19. Control And Protection Of VSC Based HVDC System Under AC System Fault Conditions
20. Integrated Video Error Control Based On Rate-Distortion Optimization
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