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All-solid-state Ultrashort Pulse Lasers And Nonlinear Frequency Conversion

Posted on:2012-08-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D N QianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330332487848Subject:Optical Engineering
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Near-infrared ultrashort pulse laser at 1000 nm-1600 nm has special advantages and significance of important applications. The picosecond laser emission at 1035nm pumped by laser diode is acquired by the use of the new Yb-doped crystal. Optical parametric oscillation lasers at 1500nm is produced with PPMgLN Crystal pumped by fiber laser at 1064nm. Then the experiment is made and the results are analyzed for the frequency conversion of ultrashort pulse laser at near-infrared wavelengths in the future.The works in this thesis can be summarized as follows:1. An efficient diode-pumped Yb:YGG laser was demonstrated by using a high quality Yb:YGG crystal, output power up to 1.95 W has been obtained under 6.7W incident pump power, corresponding optical-to-optical efficiency of 29.1 % and maximum slop efficiency of 60 %. With a semiconductor saturable mirror absorber (SESAM) to start and sustain the mode-locking, we generate 1W of continuous mode-locked output and the stable laser pulses of 2.1ps at the central wavelength of 1035 nm without disersion compensation.2. A continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator is realized by using a 40-mm-long PPMgLN crystal and a pump laser which could deliver polarized beam of 9.5 W at 1064 nm. Signal wavelength could be tuned from 1.5 um~1.6 um by changing the poling periods. The maximum power of signal wave is 1.1W and could still increase by replacing some unsuitable components. The idler wave near 3 um had potential applications for pumping the mid infrared optical parametric laser. Meanwhile, this work also shows the feasibility of ultrashort pulses generation in mid infrared range based on synchronous pumping technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ultrashort pulse laser, Laser diode pumped, Yb:YGG crystal, Quasi- phase matching, Optical parametric oscillation
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