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1. All Solid-state Raman Laser Theory And Experimental Research
2. Research Of The Diode-pumped YAG Self-mode-locked Laser
3. Study Of Chirped Pulse Laser Amplifier System Based On Self-mode-locked Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Oscillator
4. Q-switched Mode-locking In Diode-Pumped Nd~(3+): GdVO4 Lasers
5. Self-starting Fundamental Reasearch Of Self-mode-locking Solid State Laser
6. All-solid-state Tone Q671nm Laser Pumped Tunable Cr (3 +): Lisaf Laser
7. Theoretical Study Of Cavity Fiber Raman Laser
8. The Studies On Self-modulations And Instabilities Of Lasers
9. Research On Novel Pulse Laser Based On SOA
10. The Stildies Of Novel Passively Mode Locked Lasers And Phenomenon Of Self Mode Locking In Raman Lasers
11. Passively Mode-locked Yb3+-doped Fiber Laser Based On Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes
12. Single Output Q-switched And Mode-locked Nd:GdVO4 Solid-state Lasers
13. Research Of The Characteristics About All-solid-state Picosecond Self-mode-locked Laser At 1.06 Um
14. Research On Linear Cavity Mode-locked Yb-doped Fiber Laser
15. Research On Self-mode-lcoked Self-stimulated Raman Laser
16. All-solid-state Self-mode-locked Laser At 1.3?m
17. Spontaneous pulsations in laser oscillators: Effects of spatial field distributions; self-mode-locking dynamics; pulsations in 3.39 micrometer helium-neon standing-wave lasers
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