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Study On Finance Media Supervision On Securities Market In China

Posted on:2007-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Different bodies in the securities market gain uneven information under the circumstances of asymmetric information and unjust competition. The securities market of our country is developed from the planned economy with the heavy burden of financing for state-owned enterprises. Many problems appear frequently including immaturity, cheating, secret trading and so on. Furthermore, Information distribution of the second market is nonstandard and severe deficiency exists in market supervision system. Internal supervision is inadequate, external supervision is weak and the whole supervision is inefficient. Supervision on securities market from medium especially the professionals is very important for the sake of standardizing behaviors in securities market, protecting the interest of investors and setting up a fair, open, and justified environment under such circumstances.By analyzing the characteristics of securities market, experiences of securities market of developed countries, specialties of the securities market of our country and the functions and advantages of finance media, this thesis has come to a conclusion that the supervision of finance media is indispensable to securities market. In addition, other problems like after wit, rumor, abuse of supervision, lawsuits etc. are also founded and reasons behind them including the restriction of system, policy and other market bodies are also analyzed. At last, approaches to put media supervision in securities market into execution get analyzed. According to external environment, the current information distribution system should be changed to build a fair information distribution system. At the same time, intervention from administration should be avoided to consummate regulations which guarantee liberty of speech and criticism of medium. Moreover, from the point of media itself, to advocate the professional spirit, to keep the independence of the media, to keep objective on the report and to promote the professional ability and morality are also significant.
Keywords/Search Tags:Finance media, Securities market, Supervision, News professionalism
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