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Techniques And Implementation Of Publish/Subscribe-based Real-Time Replicate Of Grid Database

Posted on:2006-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Z GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360185496938Subject:Computer application technology
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With the development of grid technology and computing environment, grid computing is being pushed into the area of enterprise application from the area of science computing. It is an important area in the enterprise applications, the technology of grid database in the data grid.According to one practical application of an enterprise, we design the real-time data replicate system of grid database, which bases on OGSA-DAI4.0 and publish/subscribe model. We reduce the time of data access and compute by dividing the replicate task into subtasks,such as data publish, data monitor, data distribute and data update, then put them into different servers, so these subtasks can run parallel. In a word, the system uses the technology of splitting process.The key technologies include: 1) data-partition updating mechanism based on transaction; 2) cache mechanism based on database; 3) splitting compute technology based on stored procedure; 4) correct guarantee mechanism based on timestamp,threshold and notification; 5) data resource virtualization mechanism; 6) data access integration and transmit mechanism based on OGSA-DAI; 7) real-time monitor mechanism based on notification of GT3.Test results demonstrate that the system that bases on the Publish/Subscribe has higher efficiency and good real time property against the pull-method system that bases on the Oracle data linkage, and satisfies the requires of the enterprise.
Keywords/Search Tags:Data Grid, Data Replicate, Publish/Subscribe, OGSA-DAI, Data Partition
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