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The Application And Implementation Of Enterprise Electornic Supplying Chain System In Zibo Mining Group

Posted on:2007-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q X HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360185459272Subject:Communication and Information System
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Under the background of the economy globalization ,the market competition becomes increasingly intense, with the shorter product life cycle and the increase of the demand of the individualized products and services for the consumers, therefore effective supply chain management becomes more difficult. How to organization, plan, coordinate and control the supply chain's key elements such as information flow, funds and trade partnership is of great importance to enterprise's administrators and management science researchers. E-commerce in the new economy environment makes the supply chain more efficient with its ability to process a large amount of supply chain information conveniently and fast through the network technology. It opens the possibility for the supplier, manufacturers, and sellers to make the feasible demands, produce and supply plan by use of these information resources, which makes information flow smoothly along the entire supply chain and improves the whole operation efficiency of the supply chain.The coal industry is the foundation for industrial development, for which it is essential to perform information renovation. Zibo Mining Group Company is one of China's largest coal enterprise business, The Zibo mining industry Co.Ltd's supplying chain management is currently rising, which requires a platform with B2B mode and according to its own and other enterprise commercial transaction of the supply management system. This platform is of radical importance for survival ability, competition capability, and development potentiality of promoting the black ore group. We use the principle that combines with such advanced management mode and the actual conditions of the group's interior enterprises and set up a comprehensive e-scm system platform. The original system and enterprise management systems are integrated to form a large management platform.By using the theory of electronic supply chain management, we have proposed a...
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain Management, E-Commerce, E-SCM, J2EE, Multi-layer Distribution
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