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Algorithm Study And System Development Of Real-Time Database

Posted on:2006-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182983512Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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Real-Time Database (RTDB) is the result of the integration of traditionaldatabase technologies and real-time systems. It acts as an essential role in manyindustrial fields and thus is very significant and valuable to research and develop. Thesubject of "Algorithm Study and System Development of Real-Time Database" is afocus in the research and application fields of RTDB, and is also an important part ofthe research program "Real-Time Database System Study", which is a subprogram ofthe National 863 Program "Production Planning and Real-Time Scheduling SystemStudy"(2002AA412020).At the beginning, this paper introduces the difficulties RTDB meets, thesubject's background and contribution to RTDB research and application, and thepaper's task. In introduction part, RTDB's basic concept, system structure, transactionscheduling algorithm, concurrency control protocol and commit protocol areintroduced and evaluated. Its developing trend is also forcasted. The paper alsoexplains the principles and methods of Object Oriented Technology using in theprogram.In RTDB, transaction scheduling algorithm and concurrency control protocolplay a key role in ensuring system timeliness and maintaining data integrity andconsistency. Real-time scheduling algorithms meet new difficulties in distributedenvironments, this paper presents "Distributed Least Slack First (DLS)" distributedreal-time transaction scheduling algorithm to provide a new way to solve thesedifficulties. Experiment results show that DLS can provide significant gains overtraditional scheduling algorithms in distributed real-time database.With the expansion in application fields, RTDB needs to deal with not only hardand soft real-time transactions, but also non-real-time transactions. Under thebackground of the development of the "Distributed Real-time Data ProcessingSystem (DRDPS)", this paper presents and evaluates a hierarchichal schedulingalgorithm. It also describes a new commit protocol which handles all of the abovetransaction types.RTDB is very popular in industrial fields. Its development has swithed to RTDBbased on memory because of faster data accessing speed. This paper introduces FileMapping technology, and describes the developing process of a RTDB based onmemory according to it. RTDB has many products in the market. To fufill thecustomer requirement of visiting RTDB without product or company limits, the paperdescribes the method and development of OLE DB Provider and Data Consumerbased on Microsoft Visual C++ ATL and MFC library, respectively.At the end of this paper, it concludes all works, and presents further plans andsuggestions for future works.
Keywords/Search Tags:Real-Time Database, Transaction Scheduling Algorithm, Concurrency Control Protocol, Commit Protocol, Database Accessing Software
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