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Research On Grid And Improvement On Current Resource Management Model

Posted on:2005-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182975249Subject:Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
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The rapid development of Grid computing attracts computer theory researchers'attention in the world, and the research on Grid computing becomes a new focus.In this thesis, the research target is the Grid resource management andorganization. After summarizing and analyzing the Grid development, Gridarchitecture and resource management, we comprehend that resource informationsearching and job scheduling of Grid resource management are global operation.There are two main resource management models, hierarchical model supported byGlobus and economy/market model supported by Nimrod/G. The characteristic sharedby the two models is that all resources are treated wholly, which is called a "resourcepool". There is no organization, difference or division among resources. Resourceaccess and information searching operate globally. The Grid developing trend andapplication demand demonstrate that Grid application will break away from thescience computing and high-performance computing, and develop into thecommercial application. The commercial application spans large-scale area with hugequantity of resources and large communication;Territorial access are far more thanglobal access;It is loose-couple among resources. Therefore the global operation hasmany disadvantages in commercial application. Around the world many scientists andexperts are studying on this issue. Having analyzed a lot of excellent achievements,we bring forward an effective solution method, including resource organization andmanagement. This main idea of this method is to set up a resource organizationmechanism, and divide "resource pool" into many resource domains, which can berealized on current computer systems. Thus the resource scheduling over Grid"diameter" will be decreased. At last with new Grid technique we construct asimulation, which is based on web service technology and adopt some modified GTmodules and WSRF specifications. The simulation has showed that this solutionmethod is feasible.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grid computing, Grid architecture, Resource Management, Web Service, Resource Organization
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