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The Key Technologies Of Resource Management In Grid Environment

Posted on:2007-05-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Advances in networking technology and computational infrastructure make it possible to construct large-scale high-performance distributed computing environments, in order to meet the increasing requirement on computational power. Metacomputing is a wide area high-performance technology that share computation resource, memory resource, data resource and other resource for implementing high-performance computing and achieveing important application. So metacomputing technology is named of grid computing technology .Difference from some common distribution computing, grid computing emphasizes large-scale resource-share, innovating application and high-performance computing. In grid computing environment, resource is in the different area and management frelds, and it is possessed and operated by different owners and organations. further more the resource is different in using strategy and security mechanism, so every node could use its own lical resource managenment system. At the same time, a large namber of applications require use resource in multi-nodes, node-autonomy and some malfunction need a special mechanism to distribute that resource in multi-nodes. Therefore, it is the key of realizing high-performance conputing and achieving application how to manage the resource of grid conputing environment.Resource management is the key of grid computing, it includes: resource organizing, resource locating, resource search, resource scheduling, resource distributing, resource acknowledgement, Process setting up and other activity. It is well-known, similar to traditional distributed computing environment and cluster environment, Resource management includes three functions: job management, task scheduling and resource management. The job management is used to submit job to grid system for users, assign resource for job, cancel job and monitor the job' s running status. The task scheduling arrange and schedule jobs that user submit according to job classes, resource requirement, and resource availability. The resource management confirm and monitor grid resource using status, and collect some information of busying resource...
Keywords/Search Tags:Grid computing, grid resource management Resources Allocation, Market model, Second Price Auction, small word, resource search, grid QoS, resource reservation, entropy
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