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Research Of Common Channel Signaling Model-based Grid Architecture

Posted on:2007-10-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360182995088Subject:Computer software and theory
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Grid is a kind of open distributed system environment. It is built on standard, open, general-purpose protocols and interfaces. It merges various computing resources such as high speed networks, computers, large databases, sensors, remote instruments etc to provide resource sharing space for people. Grid architecture defines the fundamental framework of grid, researching on it can establish a good base for the application of grid technology.In this paper, a common channel signaling model based grid architecture—CCSGA is put forward. CCSGA is a kind of layered virtual organization structure oriented grid architecture. Its characteristics are as follows: 1. The CCSGA's organization structure oriented characteristic can effectively simplify the construction and maintenance of grids. It is well adapted to the dynamic characteristics needed by the modern virtual organizations. 2. CCSGA separates sharing resources and their management mechanism in a grid, to achieve a framework that is composed of a resource subnet and an independent signaling subnet. This clearly partitions the interfaces between resources and their managers. 3. Signaling subnet is the supporting subsystem of CCSGA. It is a modularized virtual network constructed by connecting the isomorphic, lightweight management units which are mapped into management domains and their relationships in the structure of virtual organization. These units are management authorities of domains, and also signaling gateways between domains. This structured organization and distributed management mechanism is very convenient for the management of membership and sharing rules in virtual organizations. 4. It is the signaling message that commands the management units in transfer path to cooperate with each other to accomplish resource publishing, discovering, locating, allocating and related security tasks. 5. Being based on the XML and PKI technologies, CCSGA is an open framework. It is independent of any concrete distributed computing technology and can integrate various forms ofresource implementation. In this paper, a systematic summary of basic theories of grid technology is made, a thorough analysis of basic ideas of modem distributed computing technology and grid architecture is presented, the framework of CCSGA is put forward, the basic components of CCSGA and their respective semantic behaviour, interconnecting mode, interaction mode and use patterns are studied, the signaling system of CCSGA is defined, the security implementation of CCSGA is studied, a practical policy model which is based on the Bell-LaPadul model and a XML based policy description language are put forward, the resource description mechanism of CCSGA is studied, the idea of using resource type definition to declare basic properties of the same class of resources is put forward, the language characteristics of property are studied, a XML based resource type description language is defined, the mechanism of resource publishing, discovering, locating and allocating of CCSGA is studied, and the effectiveness of resource discovering and allocating mechanism of CCSGA is verified through the simulation experimentation.After traditional internet and Web technologies, grid technology is the third wave of information technologies, it is being applied step by step in various areas such as industry, business, education, medical treatment, military etc, and it is becoming a certain direction of information technology and its infrastructure. Study of grid technology is of very great significance for civil economy and social development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grid, Grid Architecture, OGSA, Distributed Computing, Resource Management, Virtual Organization
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