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Application And Research Of Improved Apriori Algorithm In Elderly Health System

Posted on:2011-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X XueFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330332983482Subject:Computer application technology
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Elder people healthy dataase system is a data storehouse structured specifically for the large amount of experiment data, which produces new knowledge regulation y technology analysis data excavates, make sure it's intelligence decision susystem find the solution scheme accurately.It's the first prolem to the modern dataase that how to seek and ameliorate one kind of algorithm to make sure data excavate works high-effect and accurately.With the need of intelligence decision and sustentation system which take the model manages as core drives e higher and higher, the data excavate is ecoming a important sject with theory significance and applying value.The data mining is the process to discover latent, useful knowledge in secondary large of finger.To help user explaining the current ehavior or to forecast future result. In the methodof this main ody excavate some improvement mainly for the tradition Apriori arithmetic operation requires large amount of data ase memory, requiring many times to scan a data ase as well as algorithm I/O eing hit make a computer in working process urden overweight.The improved high efficiency Apriori algorithm, primo, is an algorithm's turn to adopt a matrix to import the data following a nature all read the operation receiving memory, scanning a data ase after such eing ale to e in progress in quicker memory of speed right away avoid the scanning scanning the physics data ase many times, and then cutting down pair of data amount. Secondly, adopt affair compressing method compressing the affair needing scanning further, come to improve algorithmic efficiency, to improve the algorithmic function y the fact that the decrease requires that the project scanning incorporates a numer.Specifically for the prolem of accompanying root and elder healthy system informationize and intelligentized, applying improving a technology as said or narrated aove,this text has designed and realized a intelligence and sustentation susystem owing to accompanying and attending to systematic healthy.And in applying improved algorithm Apriori to elder healthy system, the data ase carries out association regulation on healthy affair excavate, get effective science result.
Keywords/Search Tags:Apriori Algorithm, Medical Data Mining, Association Rules, Intelligent Decision
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