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SThe Study On The Operation Of Mobile Agent In Emergency Communication Monitoring And Controlling System

Posted on:2011-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330332969629Subject:Computer application technology
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With the development of new technology and the applications of the new equipment, the emergency communication system is becoming more and more complex. The numbers of the equipments to be monitored and the amount of the information to be dealt with in the node are increasing in the monitoring and controlling system, which are important parts of the emergency communication system. Although the load of a node can be distributed into multiple nodes by using the technology of mobile agent, so as to achieve load balancing and make the system be able to deal with the problem of mass loading, the operating mechanism of the mobile agent technology in the monitoring and controlling system has not yet been optimized. Its advantages have not been made full use, so it is very necessary to study it.The problem of operating mechanism of mobile agent based on the emergency communication monitoring and controlling system and combined with a distributed multi-domain monitoring and controlling system is studied at the applications level. The study chiefly includes next two aspects:(1) The study on the migration strategies is conducted to solve the problems that the migration path for mobile agent is redundancy and the efficiency is not high. The migration strategy constituting of dynamic and static strategy is proposed. That is, the data about the network status is collected by the mechanism of agent flooding; at the same time, migration path is optimized by using the improved ant colony algorithm. In addition, as the convergence rate of the ant colony algorithm is slow and prone to local optimum problem, respectively, through the genetic algorithm and adaptive adjustment of the values of parameterĪand Q , which will be improved on the ant colony algorithm, and the simulation results are compared to show that the improved ant colony algorithm based on genetic algorithm has better performance, global optimum and higher efficiency and the range of the path to search is expanded.(2) the register - authentication - encryption mechanism based on RSA and MD is proposed for the problem of traditional protection measures of Mobile Agent System, which is complex, difficult to achieve self-protection, and not security enough, and the requirements of the emergency communication system, to realize the mutual authentication between the site and the agent, the protection of the data that the agent carries and its own codes, so that it can ensure the security of Mobile Agent System effectively.Based on the studies above-mentioned, the results are validated by the simulation experiments based on mobile agent platform aglets2.0.2, and they show that the improved migration strategy is more efficient and less costly. At the same time, it has better performance than traditional migration strategy. And the security of the system is guaranteed by the registration - authentication - encryption mechanism based on RSA and MD5. So the distributed monitoring and controlling system can work safely, reliably and efficiently with the operating mechanism of the mobile agent.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mechanism of Mobile Agent, Migration Strategy of Mobile Agent, Ant Colony Algorithm, Mobile Agent Security
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