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Research On Key Techniques For Mobile Agents

Posted on:2003-06-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360185996987Subject:Computer application technology
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The mobile agent technology is a new distributed computing technology. It fetches up the deficiencies of the Client/Server technology and has a wide application prospect. Now a lot of achievements have been got in the mobile agent research area. But there are still some deficiencies such as the code migration mechanism is not flexible and the fault tolerance mechanism is not efficient enough, etc. Aiming at these problems, we lucubrate some key techniques for the mobile agents. The main work and achievements are as follows.1.A code migration method of the mobile agents that combines the Fixed-Code-Source plus the Needed-Code Transmission and the Mobile-Code-Source plus the All-Code Transmission is presented. It is more flexible than anyone of them. As for the state migration, we bring forward a method to capture and resume the Java threads'state. It is realized by transforming the Java source programs rather than change the Java Virtual Machine(JVM). In this way, the Java-based mobile agent strong migration is supported. At present, only the weak migration is supported in many Java-based mobile agent systems. But the strong migration of the mobile agents is necessary in many areas.2. A mobile agent location tracking mechanism combining the mobile agent shadow and the AgentTracer is put forward. In this mechanism, two problems have been solved. One is informing other agents the new location of a mobile agent when it has migrated. The other is using a message proxy to receive and transmit message in an agent migration process, the message would not be lost. It has many advantages such as simple, quick, flexible and reliable, etc.3. The Linda-like Tuple Space is extend to an Intelligent Tuple Space(ITS) and the ITS supports the mobile agent share data-space interaction. It not only has all advantages of the Linda-like Tuple Space but also has reactive and self-study ability. It is the most suitable for the mobile agent interaction that is spatially uncoupled and temporally uncoupled. Based on it, the anonymous, asynchronous and intelligent mobile agent interaction is supported.4. A highly efficient mobile agent fault tolerance mechanism based on the ring stage topology is presented. Compared with other fault tolerance mechanisms of the mobile agent systems, it uses less time and space.5. A mobile agent control mechanism, based on an energy concept and the mobile agent location tracking method by using the AgentTracer and the mobile agent shadow, is put forward. It has such functions as locating mobile agents, detecting orphan agents and terminating them actively or passively. Compared with the mobile agent control mechanism...
Keywords/Search Tags:mobile agent, mobile agent migration, mobile agent control, fault tolerance, mobile agent interaction
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