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Research And Realization Of Fractal Figures Based On Iterated Function System

Posted on:2010-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H R XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330332489391Subject:Computer technology
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A large amount of, complicated, irregular geometric target exists extensively in the nature, they can't be described using traditional Euklidische geometry, but fractal theory provides a new approach for resolving irregular natural landscape generating.Iterated Function System (IFS) is an important means of fractal graphics generating. By means of computers powerful iterative capabilities, it makes the essence of fractal theory apply to computer graphics processing, that can generate the fractal graphics having endless number of details.The article involves the part of project item about research and realizing of fractal figures generating algorithm and simulation system. The main task is that how to generating fractal figures based on IFS algorithm, and how to control different shape of fractal figures by IFS parameter. First of all, this thesis puts forward the meaning and purpose of the study, elaborates relevant fractal theory, studies the fundamental principle and method of generating fractal figures based on IFS, as well as fractal figures applications. On the basis of this premise, analysis inadequacy of the existence about the random iteration algorithm, and makes corresponding algorithms optimization according to requirements for different applications, and achieves a floor grid, trees, ferns, mountain simulation. At the same time, simple fractal animation-fractal tree swaying is realized; In addition, in connection with the generated fractal trees, ferns, analysis the process of the generation of IFS fractal figures to effect different characteristics parameters of different structure shape. By controlling the parameters of characteristics, the same target different forms are generated. Finally, combining OpenGL graphical interface, An improved IFS fractal algorithm for building mountain is presented,the method of building fractal figures by applying OpenGL and IFS algorithm is discussed, which can realize the output of mountain by OpenGL illumination model and color rending. This algorithm can prevent the monotonous coloring and insufficient layering in mountain simulation by conventional random iterative algorithms. Improved Algorithm is how to define color of points and the level of color to make it more realistic in building mountain by the principle of the IFS and color theory constitutes.All fractal figures are generated in VC++ 6.0 environment. The anticipated results are obtained by experimental verification, and can justify our work as viable to project item. Therefore, using IFS method can reach the purpose that using a small amount of data to describe the complex image.
Keywords/Search Tags:fractal, iterated function system, random iteration algorithm, VC++6.0, OpenGL
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