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Research On 3D Graphics Rendering Method Based On 3D Function Iteration

Posted on:2017-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This research is based on iterated function system(IFS) method of 3D graphics rendering. The fractal concept is based on the fractal geometry, its essence is a kind of complex geometry.At present, the concept and research of fractal, is widely applied in many fields and disciplines, has very important significance. In recent years, fractal theory has been rapid development and great progress, IFS has become three-dimensional graphics rendering, a method, fractal theory plays a very important role in computer graphics, but in the past research, methods of IFS is mainly affine transform and the IFS code, the 3-D random polynomial function and trigonometric function, wavelet function, three-dimensional logistic function combined iteration of the chaotic characteristic of under what conditions can get chaotic attractor(i.e. fractal graph).In order to truly show the nature of the landscape, such as the below mentioned in the trees, the leaves, the iterated function system as the basis of research and design.First need to transform matrix definition of three-dimensional space in the range, and then establish the model according to the parameters of three-dimensional plant generation.Examples of a group of compression affine transformation to generate the image.After the adjustment of the existing IFS code ratio, can the growth of trees in the system is used to simulate the process; the rotation angle of the branches can also through adjust IFS codes, the relevant parameters can be controlled and implementation, can also according to the technique to simulate, under the influence of external effects such as wind, the leaves and branches received the influence of changes; through observation of the angle of the existing image transform, imagegenerated by the same tree with different viewpoints.The results of the study show that: for adjustment of the IFS code, to be completed by the realistic simulation of trees in the world. Study found that, when the iterative system,showing the shock changes a function,and is the unit area surjective function, easy to get attractor, fractal pictures are drawn. At the same time, the part of fractal graphics as a basic factor, change the iterative function parameters changing the shape of the graph, generate a new graphics, control of IFS attractor parameters,using this method, we can obtain a large amount of graphics, get special graphics.
Keywords/Search Tags:Three-dimensional iterated function systems, fractal, IFS
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