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Parallelism And Iteration-based Fractal Simulation Of Plant's Structure

Posted on:2008-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M X HuaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360218457342Subject:Computational Mathematics
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Since Mandelbrot proposed the fractal concept in the field of geometry in 1970s, Fractal Geometry, as a newly emerging overlapping science, has been widely focused in nonlinear academic circles. Especially in the field of the simulation of the natural scenery, the fractal technique has showed its unique superiority and become one of the hottest spots for researchers today. Though the nature scenery is comprehensive, self-similarity is a common feature. Fractal Geometry, which shows this feature, is an important mathematical instrument. With fractal theory, simulation of plant structure plays an important role in agriculture, forestry, artificial intelligence, computer game, virtual reality and CAI etc, and has important significance in theory and widespread application value.This thesis makes a generalized analysis and research on plant simulation theory of iteration function system (IFS) and L-system, the former takes iteration as a main characteristic, the latter takes parallelism as a main characteristic. Then the author proposes twice-stochastic on the basis of combining parallelism and iteration. By choosing branch's stochastic curve and making symbol of the L-system stochastically vary with twice-stochastic, the author wants to solve the problem of the difference between ideal and the reality structure growth, achieve the effect of diversified simulation of the plant structure. After many confirmations, fractal graph that is pictured by this algorithm can make the plant maintain its own strong similarity; meanwhile it can make the plant have more structures. This algorithm reduces the difference between ideal and the reality structure growth and expands the L-system power of expression.Besides this, the author tests with the VC++6.0, simulates the plant structure with the improved algorithm, and obtains some valuable graphs. Compared with the traditional cartography method, this algorithm can make the simulation of the natural scenery more vivid, lifelike, and suitable to the comprehensive characteristics of the nature.
Keywords/Search Tags:Fractal, L-system, Iterated Function System, twice-stochastic, symbolic variation
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