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The Design And Application Research Of Electronic Tongue Based On Two-Electrode System

Posted on:2012-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330332484238Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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A voltammetric electric tongue based on two-electrode system was introduced in this paper. The main research content and innovation are included as followed:In principle, commonly used sensors and detection methods of Electronic tongue was introduced, and this study highlights the bare metal electrode array voltammetry and electrochemical detection principle. A two-electrode system was put forward innovatively, which made up the traditional three-electrode electrochemical system's shortcomings, such as the life is short, there are high demands on the maintenance, and application limitations in the food industry has. What's more, the electrode structure is simple, robust, easy to maintain, and low cost.In the design of detection instrument, the circuit architecture and software system was introduced. The electrode chosen and signal management circuit, and high precision amplified circuit was designed according to the electrode array in this study to achieve the requirement of high precision and low noise.In data analysis, as high redundancy of original data, eigenvalue extraction and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was applied to compress the data. In order to detect the numerical value, we used PLS to build data model based on the sample data.In experiment aspect, different brands of drinking water, NaCl solutions of different conductance different heavy metal ions concentration solutions and solutions with variant COD value were used as experiment samples. Analyzed by PCA in the discrimination of water and detection of conductance, The system could distinguish different brands of water and NaCl solutions with different conductance. By establishing a prediction model based on PLS, this system predicted conductance well. Based on LM-BP neutral network, the two-electrode system E-tongue predicted COD value better than three-electrode system except for 20mg/L solution. Results showed that this electronic tongue is quite suitable in the qualitatively detection of drinking water and quantitatively detection of conductance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electronic tongue, Voltammetry, Heavy metal ions, Conductance, PCA, PLS, ANN
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