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Keyword [Heavy metal ions]
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1. Heavy Metal Ions ╬╝TAS Chip Based On Micromixer
2. Studies On The Fluorescein Based Fluorescent Chemosensors For Heavy Metal Ions
3. Studies On The Coumarin Based Fluorescent Chemosensors For Heavy Metal Ions
4. Investigations On Microcantilever Immunosensor Technique
5. Quartz Crystal Microbalance-Based Electrospun Nanofiber Sensors For Trace Amounts Of Harmful Substances Detection In Liquid
6. Fabrication And Properties Of Chemosensors Based On Nano-Precise Coating Of Nature Cellulosic Materials
7. The Design And Application Research Of Electronic Tongue Based On Two-Electrode System
8. Studies On Novel Electrochemical Biosensor And Its Application On The Detection Of Environmental Poison And Cancer Biomarker
9. Sensors Based On Functional Nucleic Acid
10. Study On Nano-materials Modified Electrochemical Sensors And Their Applications In Harmful Substances Detection
11. Electrochemical Detection Of Two Kinds Of Heavy Metal Ions Using Graphene And Bio Bar Code Assay
12. Detection System Of Heavy Metal Ions Based On Magnetoelastic Sensor
13. Study On Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles For Detection Of Heavy Metal Ions(Cr3+ And Cd2+) In Aqueous Solutions
14. Development And Detection Application Of Microcantilever Array Biochemical Sensor
15. Research Of Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor Based On Mesoporous Structural TiO2 For Detecting Heavy Metal Ion
16. Study On Preparation Of Ion Imprinting Polymer Electrochemical Sensor And Its Application Of Heavy Metal Ions Detection Analysis
17. Study On The Biosensing Of Heavy Metal Ions Based On Functional Nucleic Acids And Protamine Sulfate-gold Nanoclusters
18. The Sensors Based On Gold Nanoparticles For The Detection Of Heavy Metal Ions
19. Studies On Electrochemical Sensors For Rapid Detection Of Heavy Metal Ions
20. The Synthesis And Application Of Colorimetric Sensors For Heavy Metal Ions Based On 1-naphthylamine And Phenothiazine
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