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A Research Thesis On The Practical Application Of Technology For Ac Sampling Electrical Quantity Transducer

Posted on:2003-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Q MoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360062490437Subject:Power system and its automation
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This thesis examines the various algorithms that are currently applied to electrical quantity transducer. It identifies and proposes a magnitude algorithm, and frequency measurement algorithm, both of which are based on the Fourier algorithm. The proposed magnitude algorithm can eliminate the decaying DC component, and the proposed frequency measurement algorithm can produce a high accurate output. The new magnitude algorithm does not require the decaying constant T to be known in advance. The frequency measurement algorithm can accurately track the system frequency by adjusting the amendatory coefficient in real time according to the error of the original Fourier frequency measurement algorithm. The thesis introduces in detail the hardware structure and software programming of electrical quantity transducer, in combination with algorithm and based on single chip microcomputer -80cl96kc. It provides new solutions for the handling of the result of AID sampling and the square root algorithm. Whilst the reliability ofIItransducer is improved in both hardware and software. It is demonstrated in simulation and testing that the principle applied in the electrical quantity transducer and related executive hardware are correct and can produce a precise output.This thesis also considers the possible application of wavelet analysis theory to electrical quantity transducer. It concludes that wavelet package algorithm can successfully extract fundamental signal by filtering off the harmonics of integral and non-integral multiple and decaying DC component. However, the results show there is a relatively large error and no unified algorithm. Therefore, in applying wavelet analysis algorithm to electrical quantity transducer, it is essential to reduce error in establishing unified the algorithm.
Keywords/Search Tags:electrical quantity transducer, AC sampling, Fourier algorithm, single chip microcomputer, frequency, wavelet analysis
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