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Research Of The Diode-pumped YAG Self-mode-locked Laser

Posted on:2001-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The solid-state self-mode-locked laser pumped by diode has great scientific value for it important use in many fields.We do some theoretical and experimental working on the diode-pumped solid-state self-mode-locked laser in this paper.We deeply studied the diode-pumped YAG self-mode-locked laser the first time in our country. A new method to calculate the total intracavity nonlinear power losses caused by soft aperture diffraction was derived .The compact threeelement resonator and esonator with additional crystal as KM (kerr nonlinear medium)beside gain medium was discussed by way of calculating intracavity nonlinear power losses at different case. The influence of cavity parameter: length of cavity , length of nonlinear crystal ,focusing length of reflective mirrors ,the place of kerr medium in the resonator on self 梥tart and stability of self-mode locking was analysed.On the base of theoretical analysis,we selected the most optimum cavity parameters such as length of cavity,Iength of nonlinear crystal ,focusing length of reflective mirrors.This work was the important preparation for the experimental study. We found the most optimum place for mode-locking in the stable region of laser cavity by theoretical analysis .The method of calculating the most optimum place of KM in the laser cavity was given.We found the law of the most optimum place of KM in the cavity by calculated it with this new method . This calculating was proven important in experimental study. Finally ,we studied the compact three-element resonator and self ode locking resonator by experiment.We got optical conversion efficiency of 23%, and the modeocking phenomenon.
Keywords/Search Tags:diode laser, solid-state-laser YAG, resonator, self-focusing self-mode-locking
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