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Research On Routing Techniques Based On Mobile Predicting In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Posted on:2009-06-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LianFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360272492437Subject:Computer application technology
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A Mobile Ad Hoc Network(MANET) is a dynamically reconfigurable wireless network with no fixed infrastructure.Each host acts as a router and moves in an arbitrary manner.Ad hoc networks are deployed in applications such as disaster recovery and distributed collaborative computing,where routes are mostly multihop and network hosts communicate via packet radios.In such a network,it is critical to route the packets to destinations effectively without generating excessive overhead. This presents a challenging issue for protocol design since the protocol must adapt to frequent changing network topologies in a way that is transparent to the end user.For such networks,an effective routing protocol is essential for adapting to node mobility as well as possible channel error to provide a feasible path for data transmission.Due to its nodes' mobility and topology variability in Ad Hoc Network,the link between two nodes is often invalidation.In order to accomplish the data transmission, the nodes have to reconstruct the routing.However,if the node reconstructs routing frequently,it will increase the overload of the network and reduce the ratio of the data transmission.Therefore,it is very important that finds a stable routing.Mobility prediction technology can afford such help.The Quality of Service(QoS) routing in Ad Hoc network is complicated due to the constant change of the network topology.QoS support for multimedia applications is closely related to resource allocation,the objective of which is to decide how to reserve resources so that QoS requirements of all the applications can be satisfied.However,it is a significant technical challenge to provide reliable high-speed end-to-end communications in these networks,due to their dynamic topology,distributed management as well as,and multihop connections.The routing technology is a key operating technology of Ad Hoc network.This dissertation,based on mobility prediction technology,has studied the system structure of Ad Hoc network,the routing technology of Ad Hoc networks,QoS guarantee of Ad Hoc networks,mobile models of Ad Hoc networts,mobility prediction technology of Ad Hoc networks and QoS routing optimization algorithm of Ad Hoc networks, muiltipath QoS route technology of Ad Hoc networks,and stable QoS multicast route agreements of Ad Hoc networks.Scholars both inside and outside china have researched a lot in QoS routing in recent years wheras there exist still many unresoluted problems concerning that of the initial stage of QoS routing technology in Ad Hoc networks.Deep and systematic research has been done in this dissertation in the basis of summarizing the previous research work.The focus is on Ad Hoc network QoS routing technology,and sowing routing technology.In this dissertation,several key problems as well as the application and perspective in Ad Hoc networks routing technology are analyzed and discussed.Issues applications this dissertation have made innovative progress in the following respects.1.Multiple QoS Routing Optimization Algorithm based on mobile predicting in Ad Hoc Networks.In mobile Ad Hoc network environments,packet retransmissions and route reconstructions caused by link failures can be more frequent than that in the traditional network environments.It is the main problem that finds the stable tranmitting route for its nodes' mobility and topology variability in Ad Hoc Network.This dissertation proposes multiple QoS routing optimization algorithm based on mobile predicting(MQAMP) in Ad Hoc Networks.Using Mobile predicting and Route-request selection mechanism,the MQAMP chooses the stable links which satisfy the multi-constraint QoS and selects RREQ packets to reduce the number of RREQ packets in mobile ad hoc network.It adopts the on-demand strategy to establish and reconstruct route.The simulation results show that the MQAMP has a high delivery ratio,reduces the route overload a/d provides an accurate and efficient method of estimating and evaluating the QoS routing stability in dynamic mobile networks.2.An Entropy-Based multipath QoS Routing Algorithm in Ad Hoc Networks.The performance of single-path routing in Ad Hoc network is not enhanced consumedly because of the frequent change of the network topological structure caused by the arbitary move of the communication nodes.Multipath routing can enhance the reliability and fault tolerance of whole network.In this dissertation,an entropy-based multipath QoS routing algorithm(EMRA) in Ad Hoc Networks is designed.The basic idea of EMRA is to find multiOath from source to desitination and select several stable paths for transfers routes.The stability of the paths is estimated by entropy.The simulation results show that the EMRA has highly reliability and reduces the number of reconstructing route.The multipath routing is more conformable than single-path routing in QoS requirement in Ad Hoc network.3.A stable Energy-efficient Multicast Routing Algorithm in Ad Hoc Network.As the ad hoc mobile network nodes are generally used to provide energy by the battery,the Ad hoc networks is a limited energy system.We wish that the mobile nodes can be abled to charge the case as long as possible.At the same time,as the mobile nodes improving performance and enhancing the function,the demand for energy has also been enhanced.In this dissertation,we study the existing multicast routing,describe a network model for research in the Ad Hoc network multicast routing problem.Adopting mobility prediction technology,it proposes a stable Energy-efficient multicast QoS routing protocol(SEMRP) in Ad Hoc Network.In this dissertation,the proof of correctness and complexity analysis of the SEMRP are also given.Simulation results show that SEMRP is better than some protocols and is more fittable for the network situations with the frequent-change status and the application.This dissertation is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.60672137,60773211),the Ph.D.Programs Foundation of Ministry of Education of China(No.20060497015) and Key Project of Hubei Province of China (No.2007AA101C63).
Keywords/Search Tags:Ad Hoc networks, Routing protocol, QoS routing algorithm, Unicast routing, Muticast routing, Mobility prediction, Energy-efficient
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