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Design And Construction Of Information Gateway For Agricultural History Oriented To Concept Search

Posted on:2009-09-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360272488239Subject:History of science and technology
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In recent years,it emerges a new research material in the field of agricultural history that is agricultural history network resource.There are many types electronic information resource of agricultural history in the network,including digital agricultural ancient books, bibliographic databases and full-text databases of agricultural history articles,WebPages or websites of agricultural history research,image and video files of digital museum,and its number is bigger day by day,and gradually gets the recognitions of agricultural history researchers,academic staffes and lovers.For resolving the problem of the disorder of agricultural history network resources,this article would research on the design and construction of Information Gateway for Agricultural History(hereinafter referred to as AHIG) using the theories and methods of information organization in library and information science.The workflow of AHIG includes three sections:resource collecting,resource processing and services supplying.So the dissertation would study and discuss about the design and construction of AHIG along this workflow.First,we introduced the research and construction status of home and abroad information gateways,compared and analyzed the distances of home and abroad famous information gateways,and gave some advices for the improvement of our country's information gateways.Those research provided references for the construction and perfection of AHIG.Then,this article studied the resource collecting and the mechanisms of resource description and organization in the process of processing resource of AHIG.In order to overcome the common search engineers' low accuracy and achieve concept search for Agricultural History WebPages,this article advanced the idea that construct WebPages intelligent search engineer on the basis of AHIG, and studied and discussed the design and construction of the AHIG's WebPages intelligent search engineer.At last,this article studied the user services of AHIG,and introduced the experimental website achievement of AHIG. This research used many research methods comprehensively,such as literature investigation,individual cases analysis,comparative analysis and system construction.The main efforts of this dissertation are:(1) Contrast and analysis of home and abroad information gateways.For perfecting our AHIG,this article compared and analyzed the ten famous information gateways from metadata frame,the use of classification and thesaurus,browse and retrieval functions and value-added services.Then I discovered there are following questions on our information gateways:①the number is smaller,there are not information gateways in social science, humanities and arts;②they have not made full use of normative thesaurus to organize resources so that they cannot achieve concept search;③the user services are not rich.Then some advices were given for their improvement:①construct information gateways through a variety of ways so that the scale and the number can be enlarged;②use the normative thesaurus to index and search resources,and provide a thesaurus engineer or subject word conversion interface to achieve concept search;③provide more comprehensive and perfect user services,add distinctive individualized service.(2) Research on collecting of network resource of agricultural history.For guaranteeing the validity,consistency and continuity of resource electing and collecting work of AHIG, according to the research scopes of the subject of agricultural history and characters of agricultural history network resource,this article studied and drew out the resource electing policy and evaluating criterions of AHIG,summarized and discussed the methods of collecting and discovering the agricultural history network resources.(3) Study on construction and use of thesaurus in AHIG.For making use of thesaurus to index and organize the agricultural history network resources,this article attempted to use the combinative method to construct an agricultural history thesaurus that can be used for describing and organizing the resources of AHIG.The combinative method included thesaurus integration,computer automatic construction,and human assistance.Among them,the computer automatic construction used synthetically existing research harvests and methods,such as pattern match,and relativity calculation by words co-occurrence and literal similarity.An agricultural history thesaurus that can reveal the equivalent relationships,hierarchical relationships and associative relationships among the subject terms were constructed.The thesaurus includes 6,581 agricultural history words,of which 3,507 descriptors and 3,074 non-descriptors.And the agricultural history thesaurus engineer were be designed and constructed in AHIG.It provided thesaurus entrance and concept search tool for users and resource cataloguers of AHIG.(4) Metadata frame design of AHIG.According to the principles of standard,open and extensible,based on the users' need and management need of AHIG,on the basis of Dewey Core metadata,this article worked out a metadata format that was applicable for AHIG.and can efficiently describe,identify,evaluate and manage agricultural history network resources.The agricultural history metadata includes descriptive metadata and managerial metadata.The descriptive metadata did some expansions according to users' needs,added three elements:suggest level,resource comment and resource clicked times.The managerial metadata were designed according to the needs of agricultural history management,including record cataloger,record catalogued data and record updated data.(5) Construction of AHIG's WebPages intelligent search engineer.The AHIG's WebPages intelligent search engineer includes agricultural history WebPages collecting, WebPages intelligent process,WebPages retrieval and user interface.The agricultural history WebPages collecting used the WebZIP web offline browser to download WebPages of the agricultural history websites that was high-quality and collected strictly in AHIG as the resource scope of AHIG's WebPages intelligent search engineer.The intelligent process of agricultural history WebPages included webpage automatic indexing and classification. The automatic classification of agricultural history WebPages used the automatic classification method based on class words knowledge database of agricultural history.And on the basis of research on AHIG's WebPages intelligent search engineer,I constructed an preliminary AHIG's WebPages intelligent search engineer and an experimental system of WebPages automatic indexing and classification of agricultural history subject,achieved concept search for agricultural history WebPages.(6) Design and construction of AHIG services for users.According to the needs of agricultural history researchers,college teachers and students,using the ideas and related technologies of WEB2.0,this article designed the AHIG's services,and constructed an experimental website of AHIG.It provided for agricultural researchers,college teachers and students many particular and perfect services,such as class directory and resource types browses of agricultural history resources,resource retrieval,individual customization, subject forum,users' recommendation,users' feedback,resource comment,what is new, subject new activities,thesaurus engineer. The innovative points of this dissertation are:(1) This research expanded and innovated in document arrangement of agricultural history from traditional printing literature to network resource.In order to resolve the disorder of agricultural history network resources,this article researched on the organization of agricultural history network resources.Through collecting,arranging, processing and organizing a lot of network resources of agricultural history with academic value and high quality,it would provide a new platform of getting and intercommunicating academic resources for agricultural history users,and it would improve the orderliness of agricultural history network resources,give powerful support for agricultural history research,and promote the development of agricultural history subject.(2) It is the first design and construction of information gateway for agricultural history in our country.This research designed and made the rational criterions for selecting and evaluating resources,the strategies for discovering resources,the metadata frame and knowledge organization system of AHIG,and applied traditional information retrieval languages to the organization of agricultural history network resources.And I designed and constructed an experimental website of AHIG using the thoughts and related technologies of WEB2.0 for providing all kinds of services of network resource for agricultural history researchers.(3) In order to overcome the common search engineers' low accuracy and achieve concept search for Agricultural History WebPages,this research combined information gateway with search engineer,designed and constructed an intelligent WebPages search engineer based on AHIG by making full use of the high quality websites collected in AHIG and the technology of automatic indexing and classification for WebPages.The construction of AHIG is a big and complicated project.This article just researched on the basic problems in the construction of AHIG.There are still some shortages.And there are still some problems that need further deep research in the future,such as the personalized services and sustainable development of AHIG.
Keywords/Search Tags:agricultural history, information gateway, collecting of network resource, knowledge organization system, automatic indexing and classification of WebPage, intelligent search engineer, personalized service
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