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Research On Computer Animation Description Model And Rendering Technique

Posted on:1996-02-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1118360185995564Subject:Computer applications
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This paper mainly studies some problems on animation description model and rendering technique.In viewing of animation description model, this paper firstly analyzes the necessary functions of an ideal animation descrption model, introduces the previous animation desciption methods, and summaries a general description model-SSTN(Scene State Transition Network), this model is simple and easy to be implemented. Then, the paper devises a new animation description model-TLAD(Temporal Logic based Animation Description) model in which the scene state transitions are described by using some temporal logic operators. This model is an actor oriented description model, here an actor is considered as an independent object which is able to decide its action. The model has abilities of describing abstraction,concurrency,stepwise design etc., it can be used to describe abstractions of objects and actions, to support the adaptive ability of an actor in the animation environment, it can also support the action synchronism of multiactors and the step-wise descrption of designing an animation film. It is an ideal animation description model.According to TLAD model, combining with the temporal logic language XYZ/E which is firstly created by Prof.C.S.Tang(Academician of Academia Sinica), and using many animation description techniques such as subactor,message-based communication mechanism, we designed a new animation script description language SDL/A. Cooperating with the research group of Prof.C.S.Tang, we have implemented SDL/A in SGI workstation. The above work is supported by the funds of the president of Academia Sinica and the National Natural Science Foundation. The work has passed the examination and acceptance organized by the...
Keywords/Search Tags:Animation Description Model, Temporal Logic based Animation Description(TLAD) Model, Script Description Language, SDL/A, Span Scanline Tracing, Coherence, Distributed Rendering, Compositing, Animation Generation Environment, Rendering, Temporal Logic
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