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Keyword [Temporal Logic]
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1. Constraint Solving And Formal Verification With MSVL
2. Study On Symbolic Model Checking Of Propositional Projection Temporal Logic And Its Applications
3. Research On Optimization Techniques For Bounded Model Checking Of Hybrid Systems
4. Research On The Formal Design Of Digital Hardware: Theories And Approaches
5. Paraconsistent Temporal Logic And Its Model Checking
6. Research On Computer Animation Description Model And Rendering Technique
7. The Research And Application Of Active Mechanism In Active Object-Oriented Database Systems
8. The Strand Spaces Theory And Its Application To The Analysis Of Security Protocols
9. Formal Verification Of Hybrid Systems
10. Formal Semantics Of Framed Temporal Logic Programming Language MSVL
11. Object-oriented MSVL And Its Application To Verification Of Composite Web Services
12. Reasoning And Symbolic Model Checking Of Extended Temporal Logics
13. Research On Open Temporal Logic Based Formal Verification And Modular Reasoning Of Aspect-Oriented Programs
14. Research On Multiagent Coalitional Normative Systems
15. For Real-time And Hybrid Systems. Ltlc: Continuous-time Temporal Logic,
16. Stutter-invariant PPTL And Model Checking
17. A Complete Axiomatization For Projection Temporal Logic And Formal Verifications
18. Decidability, Complexity, Expressiveness And Model Checking Of Propositional Projection Temporal Logic
19. Research On Behavioural Approximate Equivalence Of Transition System
20. Lattice-valued Quantitative Verification Of State Transition Systems
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