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Description And Refinement Of Distributed Real-time Software Architecture Based On Temporal Logic Language

Posted on:2010-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q M JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275459605Subject:Software engineering
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Distribution,real-time,and concurrency issues of software system is the central aspect in the research of distributed real-time software architecture.Viewing the independent nodes which are involved in a series of real-time interactions as components,the interactions among independent nodes will natually be considered as interactive real-time behavior of distributed real-time components,meanwhile,real-time and concurrency of distributed re al-time system can be converted into the property of interactions among components.This paper introduces the notions and characteristics of distributed real-time systems, the basic theory of software architecture,compares and analyzes some commonly used formal methods.The notion of real-time components and connections are introduced in distributed real-time software architecture description and refinement.The semantics of real-time components and connections are given via XYZ / E temporal logic language,and the conditions of real-time components well matching are also be proposed.This paper mainly proposes the method of real-time software architecture description and refinement based on XYZ/E lenporal logic language.First,the behaviors of real-time interactions between components are analyzed,which are specifyed in the form of system specification from a whole point of wiem.Then,the system's components and connectors, components and parts,components and connections between the connector are specified. Second,the decomposition of connectors and abstract components are proceed,refine to the function of a number of specific components;functional components and then gradually smoothing the transition to real-time executable statement specific procedures.Finally,take real-time ticketing system as an example,analyze real-time peoperties, describe software architecture,refine real-time components layer by layer,smootly transit to a specific real-time executable statement procedures.The example shows that this method is clear,concise,practical,reliable,and practical application value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distributed Real-time Systems, Software Architecture, Temporal Logic, XYZ/E, Description, Refinement
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