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Research And Application On Key Technologies Of Data Fusion Of Moving Machine Monitoring System

Posted on:2002-01-31Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Q DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360032957071Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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Data fusion is a kind of information process which employs computer technologies to automatically analyze and integrate the observation data gotten time-consequently from multiform sources, under given principles, to fulfill decision-making and estimating tasks. It refers also a kind of integrated processing technology for information automatization which is multi-subjects intercrossed and of concrete applications. Moving machine systems usually presents a complex structure, comprehensive performance and demands for high reliability and usability, therefore as for process controlling, fault analyzing, reliability ensuring and jockeying quality supervising, comprehensive analyzing on data from diversified sensors and/or other sources is absolutely required. With the guiding idea of dynamically handling external objects, this thesis applies data fusion theory to the management of integrated Moving machine monitor data analyzing and carries out researches on key problems of data fusion system such as intelligence based on database and engineering-patterned development. Major tasks and achievements are concluded as the following:1. Conception of data fusion system of Moving machine monitor is put forward. This thesis analyzes fundamental principles, key technologies and application in fields like reliability managing, fault analyzing and jockeying quality supervising of this system. Fusion system model based on the whole product life cycle is also bring forward.2. The idea and implement methods of database-based, data-driven visualization simulation is studied in detail.3. It elaborates database's core position in the fusion system of Moving machine monitor. Active database and expert database are built up from current DBMS. It provides not only functions of database management and illation but also intelligent process capability and is especially suited to applications that require both expert system and DBMS, data fusion system for example. Researches on these two applications of database-based intelligence technology in data fusion system of Moving machine offers available development approaches.4. Software plays a dominant role in data fusion system of Moving machine monitor; development of data fusion system primarily tends to be development of software system. Development methods and process which is guided with the constructional idea, based on uniform modeling language (UML), domain analyzing and software architecture are studied to implement engineering-patterned development of data fusion system of Moving machine monitor and to meet demands on construtionability and evotionability.Finally, two application instances that the author has engaged in are presented as the validation of above-mentioned researches: One is the Flight Jockeying Quality Supervising System for Chongqing Company of China Southwest Airline and the other is Attached Comprehensive Testing System of Brake Division for Changan Automobile Company.
Keywords/Search Tags:Moving machine monitor, data fusion, database, software enginerring, visualization
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