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Study Of The Methodologies Of Software Architecture And Software Reuse

Posted on:2000-11-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:W YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118359972450035Subject:Circuits and Systems
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In the 1990抯, New thoughts of software developing methodology followed below are introduced: the software developers?attention has moved from a single software product to a family of software products, from software design to software architecture (SA), and the reuse of software resources are emphasized. As we all known from above, software reuse and SA are not only the important research areas, but also the key research fields to resolve software crisis and develop software industry. This dissertation summarizes the research works on software architecture and software reuse during the author抯 studying to PH.D. The first part, including 2nd and 3 chapters, focus on SA抯 concepts, styles and descriptions. A core model of SA is given based on the analysis of SA concepts and its styles. With the analysis of description of SA using Z and CSP(Communication, Sequencing, Process), UML(Unified Modeling Language) is extended to describe SA, which is not only a new thought to unify ADLs( Architecture Description Languages) and software developing methods, but also a template which is able to extend for different ADLs, and it makes a basis for SA抯 implement in ROSE. Then new constraints are added to the core model of SA to integrate CSP with UML. The second part, including 4~ and 5~ chapters, focus on software reuse. Component library抯 building, searching, matching, measuring are analyzed, New component substitution methods based on different matching degree in CBSE and SA design are presented. To realize reuse, it抯 important to pay attention to organization and management besides technology, a practical and useful guide is given. Finally, the hierachical description of SA model in ROSE is implemented through Rational Rose98抯 extending interface; As an example, a DSSA reference model about CCC(Commanding & Controlling Center) is given in Rose98.
Keywords/Search Tags:Software Reuse, Component Substitution, Software Architecture, DSSA ( Domain-Specified Software Architecture ), UML(Unified Modeling Language), Management of Component Library, Rational Rose98 ADLs( Architecture Description Languages)
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