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Study And Application About Bridge Safety Monitoring Technology Based On Internet Of Things And Optical Fiber Sensing Principle

Posted on:2012-02-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1118330368986212Subject:Communication and Information System
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Sensors network that resoposible for the information acquisition is one of the core things of Internet of Things (IOT). As the information source, sensors network is the pilot and important infrasturcutre of the IOT technology. With the rapid deveoplment of the global information and modern communication technology, it's difficult for the traditional sensor technology to meet the diversity of test requirement in the world of today. In recent ten years, the optical fiber sensing (OFS) technology has already caught worldwide attention and has been developed rapidly. The safety monitoring technology based on IOT and OFS has widely application fields, which has special advantage for the large engineering and important facilities to process remote telemetry in bad, dangerous, interference environment. Bridge is the important lifeblood of the transportation field. The disastrous bridge collapse accidents often occur at home and abroad. Therefore, it's significant to carry out bridge safey monitoring based on IOT and OFS. Focusing on the technology application about IOT and OFS in the bridge strucutrue, this paper carried out the following research work:(i) Summarized the existing bridge safety monitoring technology characteristers1. Summarized the design principle, main composition, and work content of existing bridge safety monitoring technology. The status quo and shortcomings in reliability of sensing technology, maturity and robustness of sensing network and the initial stage level of expert system were pointed out.2. From the view of the engineering application, the operation status of two existing bridge safety monitoring systems which had some differences in type, requirement and scale were introduced.(ii) Put forward the bridge safety monitoring technology requirement based on IOT and OFS1. The technology requirements of bridge safety monitoring system based on IOT and OFS were elicited, namely intelligent sensor unit, networking of monitoring system and initiative in decision making and evaluation.2. The design and realization manner about data acquisition, data transmission and processing control of bridge safety monitoring based on IOT and OFS were elicited. Also the framework of browser/client serving for the remote access functional requirement was analyzed.(â…²) Developed the new technology about bridge safety monitoring based on IOT and OFS1. Cable is the most important bearing structure of large span bridge. Based on the existing research results, the sensor installation method was overcome and an adjustable range encapsulation structure was designed which made the study about smart cable come true successfully. And the designed smart cable using OFS technology met the intelligent sensor unit requirement of IOT and has been used in real bridge engineering for the first time.2. For continuous beam prestress losing monitoring, a customization fiber with three optical fiber Bragg grating was designed and the corresponding test implementation art for prestressed steel wire was proposed. Also the test result reliability based on the proposed art was caculated and analyzed.(â…³) Realize the application demonstration of bridge safety monitoring system based on IOT and OFS1. By combining the OFS-based single bridge safety monitoring system with internet, a bridge safety monitoring system with IOT and OFS concept was set up. The application demonstration engineering, namely, Tian Xingzhou Yangtze River bridge safety monitoring system realized the remote manage and control about structural strain, temperature field, and video information of bridge work field etc.2. The mode that linking multiple OFS-based bridge safety monitoring systems with internet, realized the bridge complex concept safety monitoring based on IOT and OFS technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:bridge engineering, health monitoring, Internet of Things, fiber optical sensing, smart stay cable, prestressingloss, sensor encapsulation
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