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A Study On Information Sharing Based On Personal Network

Posted on:2005-08-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:JapanCandidate:Ikki OhmukaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1108391358679050Subject:Information Science
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In this paper we propose information sharing technologies and systems for personal knowledge distribution. Information sharing and distribution are able to modeled as a result of communication and collaboration among the individuals, who are information senders and receivers on current Web. They communicate and collaborate with each other in their own relationship i.e., personal network. We define information sharing and distribution processes called "Community Web" based on individual activities and personal network. To clarify the nature of Community Web, we produce two types of research including design, development and verification of a system. There are two challenges in Community Web; one is privacy problem that occurs frequently in a situation of information sharing among multiple organizations. The other is scaling problem when we apply Community Web model to the real Web. We propose collaborative task scheduling method to resolve former challenge. Personal task scheduling is a typical problem such that information sharing helps to find better solution but redundant information disclosure causes an invasion of privacy. Our method constructs personal network from a record of communication and collaboration with her/his neighbors, and performs automatic information filtering based on network analysis. To investigate performance of our method, we developed personal task scheduling system called "Social Scheduler" on cellphone environment and take experiment with subjects. In the second challenge, we propose a methodology for activating information sharing and distribution among Weblog users, and design "Semblog Platform" which is personal publishing system with the semantic web technologies. Semblog Platform is composed of extended layered subsystem i.e., content metadata framework, metadata management, metadata aggregation and search/recommendation application. We also introduce personal network metadata framework to relate between individuals and her/his contents and to realize person-based information distribution. We evaluated our applications by real-world services and revealed that Semblog Platform achieves a new form of information transportation. Our system is used by a number of communities. From these results, it is clear that our Community Web model supports personal activities on the Web efficiently.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information Sharing, Community Web
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