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Study On The Genetic Diversity Of Centipedegrass (Eremochloa Ophiuroides (Munro) Hack.) In China

Posted on:2003-01-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Q BaiFull Text:PDF
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In thes papel the genec diversity of centipedegrass(Eremochloaophiuroides(Munro)Hack.) Was studied for the fhat time in differen 5 respects, whichincludes habitat diversity, morphological diffase, anatomical structure, isoenzymeanalysis and DNA molecular marker. The results showed as fallows:1) The centipedgrass inwhgated and studied is at the aititude of 60m to 700m.The pH of soil is from 4.34 to 8.28; the ecological envirnmen types of centipedegrasscan be classified into for types, flood bed grassland type, open forest grassland typeand hill grassland type. There is obvious variation existed in extemal morphology ofcentipedgu:2) There are significant difference in stomata density epidermis length,epidermis width, epidermis thickness, cuticle thickness, and leaf thickness, layer ofthe mesophyll thickness and the diameter of the vascular bundle. In most cases thestomata density of the creeping shoots are denser than those of correspond erectshoot. The lower epidermis cell of the erect shoots is longer than those ofcorrespond creeping shoots. The upper and lower cuticle of the erect shoots arethicker than those of correspond creeping shoots:3) There were 7 bands of peroxidase migrated into two regions with R value0. l0 and 0.553to.762 and exists significant difference betWeen them inflecting therich genetic basic;4) In AFLP DNA fingerprinting analysis, Eigh hUndred and sixteenfragmens were generaed by two primer combinaions screened frOm 64 Primercombinations and 492 heents appeared to be polymorphism (60.8%). Genehcdistance ranged from 0. l35ap.994 between POpulahons:5) Based on the morphological index, anatomical index, isoenZyIne and AFLPda4 cluster analysis was made by using UVIBAND Version 99 and SPSS10.0analysis software. These Cluster results are conforming. It is indicated from thisexperimeni that isoenzyIne marker and AFLP technology can successfiilly revealthe genetic variation and genetic relationships of centipedegrass at the molecules.
Keywords/Search Tags:native centipedegrass, AFLP, Peroxidase isoenzyme, comparative anatomy, morphological variation: Genetic diversity, Germplasm identification
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