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Research On An Improved Differential Evolutionary Algorithm And Its Application On Wireless Sensor Network

Posted on:2019-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y KangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330623469003Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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The research on the deployment of three-dimensional directed wireless sensor networks is practical.At present,most research on the deployment of wireless sensor networks mainly considers coverage rate,lifetime and other factors.With the increasingly widespread application scope,connectivity and reliability have become more and more important.Differential evolution algorithm can be used to solve the wireless sensor network deployment problem.However,with the increase of the complexity of the optimization problem,there is a need to improve and design new algorithms.This paper proposes an improved differential evolution algorithm and apply it to solve three-dimensional directed wireless sensor network deployment optimization problems.In addition,to reduce the running time,the parallelism is utilized.The main work of this paper includes:(1)Combining the cooperative co-evolution framework and the evolutionary strategies of crossover rate sorting and a polynomial-based mutation,an improved differential evolution algorithm is proposed.It is applied to the wireless sensor network optimization problem.Experiments show that the improved algorithm can achieve better optimization results.(2)This paper studies the three-dimensional directed wireless sensor networks deployment optimization problem.Firstly,an improved three-dimensional directional sensor sensing model is proposed,which comprehensively considers the distance constraints,as well as the horizontal and vertical rotation angle constraints.Secondly,besides the consideration of the coverage rate and lifetime,the reliability of the networks,as well as the connectivity of the sensor nodes and the cluster head nodes are considered.The improved differential evolution algorithm is used to optimize and achieved good results.(3)To improve the operating efficiency and reduce the running time,this paper analyzes parallelism of the optimization problem.
Keywords/Search Tags:Differential Evolution, Three-dimensional Directed Wireless Sensor Network, Coverage, Lifetime, Connectivity, Reliability
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